Burnsville Public Art

BTCQuilt“Reason We Live In Yancey County” by Barbara Webster, Town Center Foyer

Public art and quality civic design can give a sense of meaning to places, a sense of permanence in an ever-changing environment. It can impart a sense of “rooted-ness” in an age when few people live where they were born and raised. Public art can enliven our streets and our neighborhoods. It can be an avenue for citizen participation in community design.  Public art can reveal and make real the history of our community and our society. Such art can be our most powerful messages to our grandchildren and their grandchildren about what we value and believe today. Public art can be a common language in our own time, a language that speaks to the many things we have in common.  Public art can transform the day-to-day experience of the community. It can be a manifestation of the city’s caring about its citizens by rising above mere utility. The integration of public art into the public infrastructure can create an indelible impression, for residents and visitors alike, that the community is committed to excellence.

Bridge2“Rock Bridge” by Rob Levin, S Main St

The Town Council established a Public Art Design Board on December 2, 2010, to direct the selection and placement of works of art and oversee the public art program. Burnsville’s current Public Art Collection is primarily comprised of sculptural works, numerous bright and lively wall murals and Quilt Blocks.

Public Art (13)“Sundial” by Bob Hampton & Martin Webster, N Main St
“Black Mountain Range” by Norman Rabek and Eric Blau, S Main St  

Public Art (5)

“Anne-Marie” by Carl Peverall, S Main St
Public Art (8)by Rolf Holmquist, S Main St
Public Art (14)“Roundabout” by Randall Honeycutt, Town Square
Public Art (15)“Wizard of Oz” by Rhea Ormond, Academy St

Public Art (19)

 “Coca Cola” by Rhea Ormond, Court St
Public Art (29)by Rolf Holmquist
Public Art (31)“No Dogs Allowed” by Rhea Ormond, W Main St
stone2 “Stream” by Martin Webster, S Main St


“Spring in the Mountains” by Robert Johnson, Town Center parking lot
Public Art (1)“Friends” by Barron Brown, S Main St
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