The Town of Burnsville operates a 4,200 square feet event venue that is separated into four distinct sections:  The Legacy Room Auditorium, Meeting Room A, Meeting Room B, and Area C (unavailable at this time). The Burnsville Town Center also provides a number of amenities including a kitchen, clean bathrooms, a quality sound system and foyer, where the beautiful quilt by Barbara Webster hangs. This quilt is 24 feet long by 80 inches tall and features pictures of the four seasons, Yancey county, and its citizens.


Legacy Room Auditorium

auditoriumFrom tradeshow expositions to wedding receptions; from award-winning bluegrass concerts to dinner theater, the “Legacy Room” auditorium houses a variety of medium to large scale events. With access to the kitchen, bathrooms and sound system, this 3,000 square foot space features an elevated stage, handsome interior design, and plenty of extras to customize your event.  The auditorium will seat between 350-400 persons and hold up to 20 tables. Extremely versatile in its use.

Meeting Rooms A & B


Used primarily as meeting areas for groups of 20+, these spaces are 592 square feet each (enough to fit 20-25 people seated at tables per room) and can be combined to equal 1,184 square feet. Easily accessible to the kitchen and bathrooms, this space is perfect as a staging area for an event using the auditorium, or as a convenient place for monthly meetings, business parties or other social gatherings.


A&B can easily be divided into two rooms.


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